What we do

Zeek is a team of investigators. Our speciality? Track rogue mobile campaign delivery methods.

Our service checks your campaigns against all major mobile campaign brokers and offer walls.
We currently only operate checks in the UK.

If your campaign is present on unauthorized networks

  • We will trace the partner(s) responsible for this illicit delivery and also trace all the adnetworks and re-brokers involved in the process
  • We will then prepare a screen shot of your offer on the unauthorized media
  • The full traceability of all the network involved

This will allow you to share this information with your partner to discuss a remedy about the unauthorised delivery.

Peace of Mind

We make sure that your campaign is delivered according to your requirements.

Save Money

Ensure your partners only deliver high quality services.


Only retain the partners delivering the quality you expect.


We help you improve user quality and LTV.


Number of Credits* 1 10 50 100
Check on both Android and iphone mobile device
Screening of at least 5 offer walls over a 24h period
Screening of at least 2 campaign brokering platforms
Full report if incident is discovered
If there are no problem with your delivery over the checked period, an email will be sent to you to confirm.
* 1 Credit = 1 Check per territory and campaign.

Get in touch

Zeek, made with in London!
+44 (0) 208 393 3366
[email protected]